Terms & Conditions

We know these aren’t the exciting bits but they allow are services to run smoothly for you & ensure that you receive the treatments you deserve.

Bookings (Woohoo!): Any appointments longer that 2 hours or over £80 requires 50% deposit to secure your appointment just for you!

Cancellation (Boo!): We know things pop up and plans change, however as our services are in high demand we ask that you give us 48 hours notice of cancellation. This prevents any charges going onto your account.

Late for appointments (Uh Oh!): We want you to enjoy all of your treatment, without a rush and panic. We definitely do not want to squeeze and cut your treatment to fit in the time remaining! Why not arrive 10 minutes early and enjoy a coffee with us before your treatment?

Deposits: All deposits secure your “me-time” they can be transferred with notice but are non- refundable.

COVID-19 Policy: Please refer to this document.

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